Oleh: Labschool UPI Tanggal: 26-Dec-2019


Badan Penyelenggara Sekolah Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and the representative Laboratory School Principal visited the Kasetsart University Laboratory School, Bangkok, Thailand from 16 to 19 December 2019.
some things that became learning Kasetsart University Laboratory School is about the vision of the school, the management of learning and the excelent program.

Kasetsart University Laboratory School, Center for Educational Research and Development is a supurbisnitute for the organization ofan educational model and a prototype for ideal pedagogy, moreover, the school is the center of knowledge creation and develops students to be qualified on the basis of Thai culture, and competitive the sustainably creative economy. It molds students who creative in all aspects of their lives. 

Learning Management
In order to achieve the objectives and understand the philosophy of the schools policy in learning management according to the curriculum of the ministry of education, minor changes have made in order to fit local community and schools needs follows:
Primary Grade 1-3 : provide fundamental education that develops language skills so that students can read, write and calculate and use these skills as the foundation to their future learning endeavors.
Primary Grade 4-6 : provide fundamental education that promotes students to develop necessary life skills, and be able to adapt to life’s constantly changing economy, politics, and the development of information technology.
Secondary Grade 1-3 : provided education for students to develop fundamental knowledge and skolls necessary to adcvance to higher level education. Elective courses are provided for students to choose and pick courses that they feel suitable to theit abilities and interest.
Secondary Grade 4-6 : provide education to emphasize knowledge attainment and continue to develop students strengths in subjects and interests that they already excel in to promote that skills required by the national curriculum.
The school has realized the importance of geing the students ready fer ASEAN by providing them with more hours in learning english with a native teache, starting from Grade 1 to Grade 12.
All he activities are student – centered. They are organized in such a way that it is electric and suitable for the subject matter and student’s age. Different types of activities are used suchas hands-ons, collaborative, process-oriented, critical thinking, creative, problem-solving, and discussing. Learning management based on the knowledge theory and collaboration lead to an actual adaption in real life. Moreover, the extra curriculum activities including a field trip, competition within the school and with other schools. Knowledge and experience enhacement are organized to develop the student potentials.
Along with these extra curricular acivites in many subjects, KUS provideds substantial activities to stimulate and encourage students potential under the close supervision of classroom teachers and advisors. Such activities are Homeroom Activity. Student’s skills, abilities and interest Promotion Program, Sports Development Program, Music and Dancing Art developement Program, Thai Culture Promotion Program, Moral and Ethics Development Camp, Camping, Club Activities such as; Academic Club, interest Club, Botany Club, Photo Club, Leadership Club, Martial Arts Club, etc. Cultural, Educational and Sport Exchanged Program with Japan, USA and France. Language intensive Program in USA., Australia, New Zealand, England, China and Japan.
Based on the school plicy as a child center, KUS also provides Special Education programs forstudents with special learning needs such immaturity, LD (Learning Disabilities), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), EBD (Emotional and Behavioral Disorders), ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder) and Gifted and Talented Students. 

International Program
KUS International Program (Satit Kaset IP) was established in 1994. The program offers teaching and learning in english by native speakers, except for the Thai Language and Culture whichis taugh by Thai teachers. All students also participate in school extra-curricular activities which promote Thai values.
The International Program provides basic education for K3-G12 students, with a separate program administration, curriculum and student enrollment from the KUS regular Program. Satit Kaset IP is situated at Building 4 of KUS campus. (Bangkok)

Multi – Lingual Program
The Multi-Lingual Program for students in Grade 1-12 was established to develop human resources and expand educational opportunities in the East of Thailand. The school offers a trully multi-lingual program with emphasis on learning and practicing foreign languages, namely English, Chinese and Japanese. All courses are taught by native speakers. The enrollment of students is separated form Kasetsart University Laboratory Schools regular program. The school is situated at Amata Nakom, Klongtamu, Muang, Cholburi, within 80 kilometers from Bangkok. (Estu Supriyadi)